About us

Hi all my names Tracy and im the founder of Jaxsons Threads.  I wanted to create a store that has all things boy related.  Having 2 sons and 2 daughters myself i found there was a very limited range of on trend and affordable boys clothes.  Everything on the market was all pink bows, frills and flowers. I also needed practical and versatile clothing as my husband has to wrestle with our youngest son and struggles to match the buttons up correctly when dressing him as hes a bit of a wriggler (as much as this humours me) practicality and ease is a must. 

So if your looking for a store thats just for boys and has a good range of products then this store is for you.  We are constantly searching for suppliers that can supply us with quality on trend clothes/shoes and accessories and every now and then we add new toys and furniture.

We have re searched our supplies and tested samples from them so that we can comfortably gaurantee quality for our customers. To be able to provide you with the best possible price, we ship straight from our large range of international suppliers directly to you, whilst you can be confident that your online shopping experience is secure and risk free. If you order from our handmade or Australian brand range (launching july 2017) you will receive your order in 2-3 business days once payment is processed.


Thanks for taking the time to read we welcome all feedback and questions at jaxsonsthreads@hotmail,com